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Te Amo
SpainxReader Request
Te Amo
“Hey (name)!” Toni  exclaimed as he ran up to you.
You grinned. “Hey Toni.” You replied. You had the biggest crush on him, but so did all of the other college girls, and you didn’t stand a chance.
“You wanna grab a drink with me and the guys tonight? It’ll be a blast.” He said.
You didn’t drink often, but you didn’t want to be rude. “Sure, who else will be there?”
“Um, Arthur, Alfred, Ludwig, and Feliciano.” He replied.
“Sure, sure, sounds brilliant.” You said.
“Alright, I’ll pick you up at 6:00 pm, wear something pretty.” He winked. And with that, he was off.
You blushed slightly, and went to your last class of the day. Tonight was going to be great. I mean, you were going to see all those guys drunk, and it would be hilarious.
~~Le time skip~~~
You were finally home from your classes, and you checked the time. It was 5:00 pm; you had an ho
:iconstarburst8987:starburst8987 66 39
Dance With Me
.RomexReader Request
Dance With Me
You sighed, looking in your closet for a dress. Your friend Becca invited you to some dance… She wanted you to meet some guy named Rome… It was an interesting name for a person. You finally found a dress, and pulled it on. You found matching heels, and curled your hair.
When you got to the dance, Becca ran up to you. “(Name)!!” Becca exclaimed. “Come on, Rome is waiting.” She said, grabbing your hand. She led you to a room, and shoved you inside. “Have fun!”
You blushed. “U-uh, hi, I’m (name).” you introduced.
He grinned, and walked towards you. He was quite handsome. “I know who you are.”
“U-uh… How?” you asked.
“Becca has told me all about you.” He replied. “Would you like to dance with me (name)?” he asked, holding out his hand.
You smiled. “Yeah, sure.” You replied. You took his hand, and he led you to the ballroom
:iconstarburst8987:starburst8987 46 31
Lovino Vargas was squirming in his seat.
"Jesus Christ, Grandpa, can't you drive any faster?!"
"Lovino, I'm already going 20 miles over the speed limit. Calm down."
"Ve~, fratello, I'm sure _______ isn't going anywhere. She's probably just as excited to see you!"
Lovino was growing even more impatient by the second. After being gone for two months in Italy, he wanted to see his best friend, _______! But, still a good forty minutes from his home, all he could do was wait. He could still remember when he first met _______, back in his freshman year of high school.
Lovino was storming through the halls of his high school, moving fast to get away from the constant torture he was put through from the jerks around him. He moved to (country other than Italy) only three months ago, and ever since he got here he has been the victim to constant insults and abuse. His brother of course didn't
:iconmaniac19:maniac19 887 183
Prussia x Reader Most Powerful Words
Gilbert watched you round the corner. It was now or never. He leaned in to kiss the girl next to him, watching you out of the corner of his eye. You froze in your tracks, horrified. You seemed unable to tear your eyes away from the terrible scene. After all, you had loved to Prussian for so long, but you had never made a move… and now…. Tears leaked out of your eyes and you turned, fleeing from the afterimage of Gilbert with his hands wrapped around some other girl, her hands in his silver hair. As soon as you were out of sight, Gilbert tore himself out of the girl's grip and slipped her a twenty dollar bill. You were bawling by the time you reached home. You threw yourself through the door and onto your couch where you cried yourself to sleep, the image haunting you, creeping into your nightmares. A knock woke you. It was loud and rambunctious. Only one person in the entire world knocked like that. You heaved yourself up and opened the door. You probably looked like hell, with splotch
:iconelvenfighter007:ElvenFighter007 77 46
Spain X Reader
*Apparently there is a manga series called Faster than a Kiss which has a very similar plot. I didn't know that. I went and read it and it's freakily similar. ^^" So I am sorry if it looks like that story. I didn't know. If it bugs any of you let me know. I'll remove this.
"Big Sister?" your little brother looked up worriedly at you.
"Huh?" you jerk yourself back to reality.
"Are you all right?"
"I'm fine." you squeezed his little hand in your and guided him into the daycare. Though the clean playground and though the colorful doors.
"Good morning (y/n)!" Spain smiled his usual cheerful smile. "Here to drop off (lb/n)?"
"Yep." you said meekly. You hoped he didn't notice the dark circled under your eyes and how your checks were slightly hollow. You had been abandoned by you drunken mother. You had been spending the last few weeks taking care of your little brother, going to school, and working your part time job at a restaurant. But it was becoming to much for you.
"Eh?" you si
:iconmidnightsnow17:MidnightSNow17 63 43
Grandpa!RomexMom!Reader Kids say
Sometimes I wish my kids didn't have such a big mouth.  
Augustus, my father and by extension, their grandfather, and his wife were visiting us for the holidays. The kids loved him; as did I.
But of course, since we didn't see them very often, there was a lot of catching up for us to do. And unfortunately, for my children, the most embarrassing memories were the ones that got told.
For the most part, they tattled on each other, like Antonio teasing Feliciano for not knowing where the Korean war was fought, Or Feliciano mocking  Lovino for the way he sleeps with his feet uncovered because he feels like the blankets suffocate his feet. Hell, my father even got in on the fun himself, mocking my mom for her love of zumba classes and the way she does the YMCA dance when they take their daily walk.
But then, sometimes they turn on me.
This car ride happened to be one of those times.
All I was saying was that I'm not a violent person, given certain circumstances that would cause Gha
:iconkushamisaru:kushamisaru 51 30
Mature content
Grandpa Rome X Reader THE SOCK Part One :iconkay42kay42:kay42kay42 28 16
Your little brother was weeping on your shoulder. "He can't go, he can't!" The little Italian  blew  his nose on your shoulder.
"Calm down, Italy. Grandpa Rome will be fine. He's the world's biggest empire. He can't die." But he was. The greatest empire would be no more.  Who would control the land? Feliciano was just a little boy. Romano was with big brother Spain. Who would be the next Roman Empire?
Germaina stepped out of Rome's chamber. "______, your grandfather wishes to speak to you." He opened the curtain. You stepped into the lavish room.
"Ah belle~ come sit beside me." Rome was sitting up on a couch. He attempted to stand up, but he fell back down.
"Grandfather!" You ran by his side.
"I'm fine. This reminds me of the day I met your Grandmother. God she knew how to-"
"Grandfather, Italy is right outside. I don't want him to here you talk like that. Besides, that is a little disgusting." Even on his deathbed, Rome can still think about the sex he has had over the
:iconkirawrites:KiraWrites 81 87
RomanoXReader - I like you, I love you
He-he-he-hey, hey, could you wait a minute?

If you're busy, sorry

Just a little, hey, a little while

I want to talk with you

What can I do?
What's the point

Um.. What game should we play?

Word games?

Daqui-"ri".. "Ri"-n

I'm sorry, I'm not very good at this

(Name) sat on the couch, pouring over a book as Feliciano brought over a bowl of pasta, setting it in front of her on the coffee table. She put down the book and eagerly dug into the pasta, grinning at him as he sat next to her.
"Wow, Feli, this is really good," She said and gave him a peck on the check.
"Veeh~! Grazie, bella!"
Lovino watched from the doorway with contempt and jealousy. Why did (Name) only see Feliciano? Why didn't she ever look at him the same way she looked at his brother. Lovino looked down at the ground, feeling the frustration burning in him.
"Be right back, bella~! I'll just grab us some drinks, veeh~!" Feliciano jumped up from the couch and passed
:iconheeeeresizzy:HeeeeresIzzy 242 85
Romano x Reader: Birthday Present
You looked around happily at all the nations that came to celebrate the birthday of the Italy brothers. All of the nations had decided that since it was Veneziano's birthday they would all try to act civilized towards each other. Although, it didn't take long for someone to get someone else angry and thus creating a chain reaction of people acting like their normal quarrelsome selves. You had to admit though, that despite all the "playful" arguing and all the delicious food you were still slightly upset seeing your boyfriend Romano, acting more aggressive than usual because people had forgotten that Veneziano and Romano had the same birthday. This was why there were more gifts for northern Italy than there were for the southern one. And even though you asked him if it bothered him and he replied it didn't, you knew that it did from the way he was acting and you guessed that the fact that Spain, Italy and yourself had to remind people it was also Romano's birthday made him even more dep
:icontheoddausorus:theoddausorus 227 95
RomanoxReader- Sketches
Another world meeting had started on a bad note, as always. You sighed and propped your head up on your hand as Arthur and Francis were fighting again. "____. Those western countries are so immature, aru. Don't you think?" Yao asked, handing you a bowl of Chinese snacks. You nodded, taking a handful of the snacks. "Sometimes they just need to shut up. But, you know Yao, I'm a western country as well," you responded. Yao laughed and went back to reading the outline of what hopefully would be accomplished at this world meeting.
"You damn potato bastard! I'm not going to join your trio of perverts!" an angry Italian voice yelled, "I refuse!"
"Oh come on! Vat is wrong with our group? I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself!" a certain uninvited Prussian yelled.
Yup, like always at these recent world meetings, the BTT wanted Lovino to join them. 'Why?' you wondered, 'It would then be the BTQ... and that doesn't sound as good.' But that is unimportant to this story.
"Because I don't see the joy in
:icontruerefrain:truerefrain 280 138
Mature content
I Love You, No Matter What - Rome x Reader ENG :iconschizovampire:SchizoVampire 54 49
Hetalia SpainxReader - Stuck In a Box
"Antonio Fernandez Carriedo!"
The Spaniard turned around at the sound of his name being called. His eyes fell upon _____, his best friend for as long as he could remember (excluding Gilbert and Francis, of course). His lips curled up into a happy smile when he saw her-- even though she was glaring daggers at him.
"Hola, bonita," he said with the big grin still on his face. "How have you been?"
"Oh, just fine, thank you," she replied, crossing her arms. There was a razor-sharp edge building in her voice.
"What's the matter, bonita? You okay?"
"Oh, yeah!" She stomped past him angrily, heading inside the house. "Everything's peachy-keen!"
Antonio turned his head in her direction, furrowing his brows. "Bonita?"
_____ stepped into the house where Gilbert and Ludwig (and currently _____) lived, furiously kicking off her shoes after wiping her feet.
"_____! _____!" called a voice frantically from the hallway.
_____ saw Gilbert running toward her with a panicked look on his face.
"What is it,
:iconravens-of-rome:Ravens-of-Rome 754 135


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